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Natural Spirit

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  • OriGaming Assets Store

    In addition to creating and developing our games, we offer original asset creations and 3D models in our stores for all your games.

    Optimized assets for games PBR Materials Multiple 3D format

    The assets are available for download in many formats accepted by the industry (MAX, OBJ, FBX, 3DS, STL, C4D, MELANGE, MA, MB, ...)

    cgtraider site
    turbosquid site
  • Our services

    We provide services and paintings on request.

    3D modeling Creation of textures Development Digital painting Music creation Training
    blender site unreal site
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About Us

Who is OriGaming ?

OriGaming Studio was created by 12 co-founders in 2021. The name of the studio is the reflection of our design philosophy mixing the poetry of origami which allows the infinite creation of works but also technical rigor.

OriGaming Studio is also a graphic style and a careful design that distinguishes us from our competitors.

We are working on two projects of marketable game with strong potential : AYATANA and NATURAL SPIRIT.

Being known as an independent video game studio is very difficult, that's why we have a YouTube channel where we present tutorials, technical demos and extracts of our work in progress. It is also with this goal in mind that we decided to make our first quick design game on mobile in order to quickly make ourselves known to the general public.

This first game allows us to prove our technical skills, to assert our graphic pate and to gain visibility by gathering a community around us.

We continue our development with desire and passion on new projects so do not hesitate to follow and support us on social networks.

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